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Rialto to Celebrate National Pizza Week January 5-11, 2014

Rialto to Celebrate National Pizza Week January 5-11, 2014

The average America eats 46 slices of pizza per year, according to Pizza.com. The second week of January, the 5th-11th, is a great time to celebrate this fun food that so many love as it is National Pizza Week. During National Pizza Week, people are invited to Rialto, located in the heart of Georgetown, to enjoy a variety of specialty Neapolitan freshly made in-house pizzas.

“We have devoted a section of the first floor to the gourmet pizza station where our Pizziaoli is constantly creating traditional and unique pizzas for our customers,” explains Ryan Fichter, executive chef at Rialto. “People love the familiarity of pizza while we add a fun, different twist to the traditional style.”

Doyle's Deals: Diamond earrings, personal training, massage

(WUSA9) -- We combed through the day's Daily Deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts.

Ladies, you bought for everyone else over the holidays so here's a gift to buy yourself: a 1/2 carat diamond huggie hoop earrings. You can get these for $43. They are set in 10-carat white gold. They were originally listed on Netaya for $540. Brads Deals tells you how to get them for almost $500 off.

Do you have a resolution to get in better shape?  Gilt City can help. It has a deal with Roam Fitness in Glover Park.  There are a number of packages available, such as 3 classes for $45, to 15 personal training sessions for $399. You are saving up to 72 percent off with this deal.

How about a massage? you can get a 60-minute Therapeutic Massage from Foundation Fitness. At $48, you save 56 percent fof the original price. Amazon Local has the deal.

Bicyclist struck in DC

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- D.C. police and fire personnel responded to the scene of an accident involving a bicyclist on Wednesday morning.

The bicyclist was struck in the 2800 block of M St. NW. Police say the call came in at 5:54 a.m.

Police officials did not have any information about the driver or the condition of the bicyclist at last check.

Mummified rat cited in Georgetown cafe closure

Washington, DC (WUSA9) -- WUSA9 tracked down the man behind three Maryland and DC restaurants with health violations so risky, inspectors have closed all three, at least once, and over the past few weeks, in Georgetown and Tenleytown, two were suspended a second time.

Updated: To see a photo gallery with hundreds of Washington area restaurant closures since 2012 click here

Inspectors temporarily closed Prince Cafe, 4627 41st Street, NW DC and Prince Cafe, 1042 Wisconsin Avenue, NW DC. in December and November closures  Both had been closed before for health violations and has the College Park location.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Italian Meal

Tips for Creating the Perfect Italian Meal

Take a poll of a group of people you know and there is a good chance that Italian food will top their list of favorites. Whether dining out, or preparing food to eat at home, many people love Italian food. When dining out they are assured a great Italian meal if they choose a restaurant specializing in it. But those preparing the meal at home may not know the Italian tips and tricks that can turn a decent meal into a great one.

“Once you are familiar with Italian cooking you can create a great meal at home,” explains Ryan Fichter, the executive chef at Rialto, a new Italian restaurant in Georgetown. “But there are a few important factors that go into preparing a great Italian meal at home. Once you take those into consideration you will have an irresistible meal.”

Here are some tips for creating the perfect Italian meal at home:

Modest Street Fashion Comes to The District

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- When you see a woman wearing a scarf on her head, chances are she is a Muslim woman, and that "scarf thingy," well...that is called a 'hijab.'

Millions of Muslim women around the world wear it in accordance with the religion of Islam. I'd answer "why," they wear it, but that reason is different for everyone who puts the hijab on.

Nevertheless, the style of the women who wear hijab is different all over the planet. That is where photographer Langston Hues comes in...

This photographer, from Detroit, Michigan, deferred admission to medical school and has taken this year to travel the world and capture the different styles of Muslim women for his upcoming book "Modest Street Fashion."

The book focuses on different fashion bloggers who consider themselves "hijabistas" or "turbanistas." The photographs in the book are taken on streets of cities all around the world.

Georgetown Restaurant, Rialto, to Offer Live Jazz Brunches

Georgetown Restaurant, Rialto, to Offer Live Jazz Brunches

Rialto, a new Italian restaurant in Georgetown, will begin offering live jazz music during their weekend brunches, beginning Saturday, December 21, 2013. The live jazz music will be played by local artists during each brunch, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday. Rialto is Georgetown’s premier Italian restaurant, offering world-class food and an upscale atmosphere.

“We are excited to welcome everyone to our new jazz brunch,” affirms Joe Idrissi, co-owner of Rialto. “Jazz” up your weekends and start a new family tradition by joining us every Saturday and Sunday at Rialto for the perfect pairing of live music and delicious food.”

According to “A History of Jazz Music,” jazz got its beginning in the South during the 19th century. Bands comprised of trumpets, clarinets, trombones or tubas and percussion. Year’s later, jazz music is considered timeless and played all over the world.