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Arborists Detects Hazard Trees Before Falling | News

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Arborists Detects Hazard Trees Before Falling

WASHINGTON, DC (wusa) -- Already weakened trees from recent storms are creating a potential danger in some neighborhoods. Arborists, Mike Galvin says, a presumably healthy-looking tree can actually be on the verge of tipping over.

"You want to look at after a storm event whether there are any holes in the tree and cracks in the tree, you can see the decay in there in the cavity, right there in that union, " Galvin explained. " If you see soil mounted up on one side of a tree after a storm, that might indicate the the tree is okay but the soil is not, the soil is failing."

Galvin tells us, by providing proper care, you should be able to minimize the risk of damage done to your property. In Northwest, several homes, automobiles and fences have been damaged from recent fallen trees.

Plenty of tree service crews were busy removing trees in neighborhoods in and around Rock Creek Park.

Rey Carranza from C&D Tree Service said, "I am the one who grinds the stumps, so I was up the street and waiting for that storm because everything was getting so dark and all these limbs were flying around."

More severe weather is expected in the coming days and we are just entering the meat of hurricane season. Galvin says, now is the time inspect the trees on your property with the help of a professional and make a decision whether to prune it or remove it.

Written by Alex Trevino
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