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CrimePush Launches Revolutionary Security App to Help Individuals, Universities, and Police | Business

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CrimePush Launches Revolutionary Security App to Help Individuals, Universities, and Police
CrimePush Launches Revolutionary Security App to Help Individuals, Universities, and Police

Every 15 seconds in America there is a burglary that takes place. Every 43 seconds a vehicle is stolen somewhere in the country. On top of that there are countless other crimes committed throughout communities and on college campuses. We are all in search of a safer country, and CrimePush has just unveiled what could be the answer to the country’s crime problem.

“Everyone wants a way to help reduce and easily report crime,” explains Shayan Pahlevani, founder and chief executive officer of CrimePush. “This is a tool that is going to do just that. It’s easy to use and highly effective.”

CrimePush is a new crime-reporting and personal security application, which has unveiled a number of new features designed to keep students and citizens safe. It is now available on iTunes and Google Play. Users can quickly download the free app to explore the utility and ingenuity of the service.

CrimePush has been contacted by over 100 police departments and universities across the nation. The collaborative result was the development of a newer and more robust version of the application, which not only reports crimes to police departments, but includes features that make it a revolutionary personal safety and security app.

Citizens and students using CrimePush now have an unparalleled ability to report crimes at the push of a button. With a few intuitive clicks, citizens are able to push along GPS embedded crime tips and distress messages that include text, photo, video, and audio to the nearest authorities. With better information direct from the source, police are better equipped able to respond more effectively to the situation at hand. The recorded video can be used to broadcast suspects and incidents, to give dispatchers a sense of how serious a situation is or even to save a panicked 911 caller from having to describe a traumatic event.   

The features in the latest release includes:

Distress Messaging - Allows users to send multiple, GPS-tagged distress messages with the push of a button to designated emergency contacts. An additional option allows users to trigger a siren to ward off attackers and to attract help.

Push Back Notification – School or University authorities can now send Timely Warning Emergency Notifications straight to a student's phone, alerting them of a gunman or emergency situation on campus.

Check-in – Allows users to notify family and friends when they have arrived at their destination safely, or if they are simply running late.

Crime Reporting – Allows users to report crimes ranging from vandalism to theft quickly, discretely, and efficiently. This feature provides authorities with clearer information direct from the scene of a crime.

“With all the options that CrimePush provides, it is easy to see how it has quickly become a highly respected tool,” adds Pahlevani. “Plus, it can be downloaded for free. It just doesn’t get any better than that.”

Additional features include a “Safety box” loaded with essential safety tools like maps, a flashlight, and emergency contact numbers. CrimePush is ideal for individuals, neighborhood watch groups, campus police, and anyone looking to help prevent and report crime. Those interested in learning more about the CrimePush app can log onto www.crimepush.com.

About CrimePush:

CrimePush is a mobile app that empowers individuals to build safer communities. The app makes it possible for people to discretely, and with the touch of a button, report crime to their local police department. Citizens can quickly and easily report theft, threats, altercations, crashes, drug activity, vandalism, harassment, and any other type of crime. By using their Smartphone, they are also able to take pictures and audio video to submit to police. For more information about CrimePush, log into www.crimepush.com.


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