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DC Water, Fire Department: Leave Fire Hydrants Alone | Business

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DC Water, Fire Department: Leave Fire Hydrants Alone
DC Water, Fire Department: Leave Fire Hydrants Alone






This community notice comes to us from Pamela Mooring:
WASHINGTON, DC – As the weather heats up, the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department and DC Water are reminding District residents not to open fire hydrants to cool off.  Unauthorized hydrant use can hamper firefighting, damage the water system and cause injury.

"Fire hydrants are for fighting fires, period,” said DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins. “Only trained personnel with specialized tools should open them. Tampering with a hydrant can damage the hydrant, the nozzle and the underground pipes in the water distribution system.”

“Public safety is our highest priority,” added Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe. “Opening a hydrant illegally can lower the water pressure and seriously affect our ability to fight fires. Also, the highly pressurized water can knock a person down and lead to injury.”

Residents and visitors in the District should call 911 if they have a heat emergency, or keep cool otherwise by staying in shade or air conditioning and drinking plenty of water. When the temperature or heat index reaches 95, residents are encouraged to seek refuge at a District swimming pool, cooling center, recreation facility or other air-conditioned building. More information, and locations, can be found at dc.gov or by calling 311. District agencies and community groups hosting large outdoor events may also request the DC Water misting tent, scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis by calling the Office of Public Affairs at 202-787-2200 or signing up online at dcwater.com/mistingtent.

Tampering with a District hydrant is a crime, subject to a $100 fine upon conviction. To report unauthorized use of fire hydrants, please call the Metropolitan Police Department at 911. 

For more details on summer heat safety, please visit the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agencys "Beat The Heat" website.