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DC residents concerned about "Rooftop running" | News

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DC residents concerned about "Rooftop running"

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- About two weeks ago, Georgetown resident Greg Fishbin was scratching his head after he and his wife saw some people climbing and jumping on top of roofs, including theirs.  

"We were like 'Get off of our house. Like, what are you doing on our house?' And they said, 'Oh we're just roof running,'" Fishbin said.  

It's something that has a lot of the people in the neighborhood concerned and worried it could be a trend. One complaint was posted online and sent to the police- but this isn't a new thing. 

Roof running or using something like a roof as an obstacle course is usually part of a fitness discipline called Parkour.  

Mark Toorock runs the American Parkour Academy. He says he hasn't heard of this particular complaint, but he knows this type of thing happens.

"I can't say I condone that. I can't say it doesn't ever happen," Toorock said. 

Toorock says doing something like this - trespassing to use Parkour - is not the right way to use it. And this type of behavior isn't good for people who do it the right way.   

"We're promoting Parkour that's a healthy discipline. People with office jobs and day jobs and just regular people come in and train, improve their life and have fun while getting fit," Toorock said.

Fishbin doesn't want to see those roof runners again 

"Not only are there the obvious elements, they could damage something or etc, but more horrifying is they could really hurt themselves," Fishbin said.

A source with MPD told WUSA9 they are aware of these complaints but right now they don't want to make it a big deal.  The police have told residents if they see something like roof jumping they should absolutely call 911 and report it. 

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