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Modest Street Fashion Comes to The District | News

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Modest Street Fashion Comes to The District

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- When you see a woman wearing a scarf on her head, chances are she is a Muslim woman, and that "scarf thingy," well...that is called a 'hijab.'

Millions of Muslim women around the world wear it in accordance with the religion of Islam. I'd answer "why," they wear it, but that reason is different for everyone who puts the hijab on.

Nevertheless, the style of the women who wear hijab is different all over the planet. That is where photographer Langston Hues comes in...

This photographer, from Detroit, Michigan, deferred admission to medical school and has taken this year to travel the world and capture the different styles of Muslim women for his upcoming book "Modest Street Fashion."

The book focuses on different fashion bloggers who consider themselves "hijabistas" or "turbanistas." The photographs in the book are taken on streets of cities all around the world.

The women participating in this project believe art like this defies stereotypes and shows diversity and different cultures of Muslim women.

The project has gathered thousands of followers on all social media networks. Though there has been a lot of support, Hues has confronted a lot of criticism. Several Muslims from Europe and even the U.S. don't the like approach of Hues capturing women in this light. So far, dealing with the sensitivity around this has been the only struggle in Hues' journey.

After every photo shoot, Hues documents what "modesty" means to the person. The answer ranged from the clothes you wear to character to attitude. Modesty means something different to every one participating in the book. The answers the women gave reflected in the photographs they took with Hues.

The book is expected to publish in late 2014.

Noor Tagouri