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Photo Gallery | 22 Photos From A D.C. Burger Joint That Might Make Your Stomach Growl

WARNING: These photos from Bobby's Burger Palace, courtesy of Yelp, might make you drool and crave a hamburger.

Consider yourself warned.

Bobby's Burger Palace, which is the chain brainchild of Food Network celebrity chef Bobby Flay, is located at 2121 K Street in Northwest D.C..

BBP serves a wide array of sides, drinks, and of course, burgers, including some that are topped with potato chips.

Yes you heard me correctly: A hamburger topped with potato chips.  

This is the part of the article that I recommend you wipe the drool away from the left side of your mouth.

Done wiping?

Okay, good.  Now take a look at the slideshow and see all 22 photos from Bobby's that might make your stomach growl.