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Rebecca Maguire

Rebecca Maguire is the Founder & CEO of Maguire Media Group, located in Haymarket, VA.  

She is an established and effective writer and blogger, with a solid background in news reporting and writing for the media. Additionally, she pens a blog on the ins and out of being both an entrepreneur and a mother for Working Mother.com, 3 Tiny Tyrants.

She is incredibly involved in her Prince William County community - and works tirelessly to ensure that its people and businesses get credit where credit is due. Spending her time engaging her neighbors, scoping out the highlights of PWC dining, culture and entertainment are her speciality.

Despite her best efforts, she (nearly always) manages to forget something important at the store, realizes that chasing her dreams means sometimes housework has to be outsourced and believes wholeheartedly that perfection is what we make it to be.

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