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A Preview of Spaces 11, 12 & 13 at the 2012 DC Design House | Arts & Culture

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A Preview of Spaces 11, 12 & 13 at the 2012 DC Design House
A Preview of Spaces 11, 12 & 13 at the 2012 DC Design House

This is the Fourth of an Eight-Part Feature on the designers’ vision and progress at the DC Design House, which is underway and set to open on April 14th.

Designers are mixing new and old in this year’s DC Design House to give the spacious home warmth and character. For instance, Sharon Kleinman of Transitions in Potomac, MD, http://www.4transitions.com, designed a custom bench for Space 11, the Master Bedroom. “I use modern pieces such as the custom bench with acrylic base and combine it with an antique black lacquer wedding chest,” says Kleinman, who is thrilled to be able to use her work as an interior designer to support such a wonderful cause.

With so many windows and doors in the master bedroom, the room’s focal point became the sliding doors that overlook the backyard and terrace. The gardens became Kleinman’s inspiration for the bedroom’s design. “By choosing fabrics in lush greens and warm browns, I brought the colors of the garden indoors,” she adds. Kleinman feels that master suites should be serene with lots of textures and very little pattern. In addition, “personal accessories, inherited items, special pieces purchased through travel can be used to create an environment that is unique,” the designer says.

In Space 12, the Master Deck, Shanon Munn of Ambi Design Studio in McLean, VA, www.ambidesignstudio.com, created an outdoor retreat. “I chose pieces that are scaled similarly to indoor pieces and provide a great lounging spot,” says Munn, who adds that she is honored to know that her design talent is appreciated by being selecting to be part of the DC Design House.

For the Master Deck, Munn and Amanda Welch view the space as a private oasis with interior-styled furniture and shaded spots. “We plan to take the existing railing, currently an eyesore,” Munn says, “ and make it a highlight of the deck with a long row of custom benches and pedestals strategically placed to hide the dated metalwork.” The Master Deck becomes a “feature wall” that includes items not typically associated with outdoor spaces. Art panels will act as wallpaper across the side of the house and rugs will cover the decking.

In the neighboring Space 13, the Master Sitting Room, Tricia Huntley of Huntley & Co. Interior Design in Washington, DC, www.huntleyandcompany.com, says the underlying theme in all of her work is to create a “dynamic atmosphere.” Huntley says the Master Sitting Room is “a gem of a space” with built-ins, a fireplace and great proportions. “I’ve chosen furnishings from the ’40s through the ’70s to play off the formal moldings and mantel.” She sees the space as an elegant, yet sexy lounge for a modern day Marie Antoinette.

Huntley, who is thrilled to be involved with such a popular event, is also looking forward to having thousands of visitors see her work at the DC Design House. When not at the showhouse, Huntley says her designs are driven by her clients, their lifestyles and the architecture of their homes. “Interior design is like art in a way,” she says, “where the room is a canvas and you have the opportunity to manipulate it and make it interesting while creating a thing of beauty.”

In the Fifth of the Eight-Part Feature, Spaces 14, 15 & 16 will be highlighted.

For more information about the 2012 DC Design House including volunteer opportunities, go to www.dcdesignhouse.com and follow www.facebook.com/DCDesignHouse.