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Help Find Missing Dog
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Help Find Missing Dog

Madeline is about 45 lbs, red/tan coonhound mix about  22 inches high and about 5 years old (a little gray on her muzzle).  She is sleek and fast (kind of like a racehorse), has long legs and has short tan/red hair with a little white on her chest.  Unfortunately, she is afraid of humans so if seen, its important not to chase her. 

Ran away from the dog walker on 12/3/12 in Rockville, MD (near Montgomery College).  She was last (possibly) sighted in Kensington near the Marc Traing station.

Maddie is skittish so please don't chase - instead call 301-728-2771 immediately with location and direction she was heading in. Lost in the area of the Intersection of Astor Blvd and Nelson Drive Rockville, MD 20850, but some potential sightings in Kensington, MD.

Please call 301-728-2771 instead.  If you do see her, pretend that you don't see her - pretend to ignore her and don't make eye contact.  She loves just about any food, but I've been told that hot dogs are a good way to attract a dog because they love hot dogs and they are easy to smell from far away.  

Her facebook page link below:

http://www.facebook.com/ madeline.wightwilliams

Some other tips:

Some of you may be wondering - how will I get home? Because I'm so scared, it most likely won't be possible for anyone to catch me, even my parents. The best advice from all the experts is to establish a range where I am hanging around, then put out a humane trap with yummy food in it. I used to sleep in a crate every night so I am likely to see the humane trap as a friendly place (compared to feral animals). That's why it's so important to call my parents with sightings - so they can figure out the best place to put a humane trap. Thanks all! Woof!

Some tips for lost dog searches:


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