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Georgetown track program under investigation | News

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Georgetown track program under investigation

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Georgetown students say they're concerned about the future of the school's track program after the university announced it is investigating both racial bias and misconduct allegations regarding the program. .

The investigation into racial bias began first, in late March, and is being done by Georgetown University's Office of Institutional Diversity Equity and Affirmative Action. An investigation into the Men's Track team and Misconduct began in late April, according to a statement by the university.

It appears this all came to light when a track athlete filed complaints of racial bias. The school launched investigations.

However, a Georgetown men's track member told WUSA9 members of the track program never heard back from school leaders. This is what the men's track member believes prompted a female athlete to post her detailed story online. More information and allegations of sexual harassment have since been shared on social media. Both Georgetown and non-Georgetown students alike have read some of the material, or have at least learned of the University's investigations.

"You know it's really a bunch of bull crap that Georgetown is just going to hid it from everyone until they're forced to deal with it," said Chase Cabot who is an American University student. Cabot says his girlfriend is a Georgetown student and that's how he learned of the allegations.

"I should hope that they're really investigating the people that they're hiring especially because this really shouldn't be happening at any professional level," said Lillian Flashner, discussing the possibility of hazing within the track program.

"I'm glad that, you know, it's coming out of the closet and I'm glad that Georgetown is going to have to be embarrassed because they're going to have to crack down on it if the allegations end up being true," said Nicolas Girard.

Online posts say members of the Georgetown University Men's Track Team sent a sexually graphic video of male teammates as part of a made-up, non-school sanctioned awards competition. The discrimination claim came from a female athlete who wrote about things like being forced to perform with an injury and with little help from coaches. A men's track member supporting his female counterpart described similar mistreatment on the men's team.

"We have multiple teammates who are put into situations to where they couldn't be officially kicked off, but to get them off the team you start putting them in situations, so like giving them harsh practices," said Devante Washington over FaceTime from Lafayette, LA. Washington says the actions just mention where mostly directed at minorities. He would not comment on specifics because of the ongoing investigation and because he is still on the team.

Washington did describe in the interview, how it hurt to see teammates go through this. "When someone is being talked to or mistreated or being treated with racist or biases, what happens is they begin to think it's their fault and some of them begin to think that they're actually messing up. That they're actually doing their job," he said.

The rising senior, as he said over the phone, hopes the school will resolve the situation before August since late August is when track members return to practice as the new semester beings. Washington also said he believes some members may not return if the same coaching staff remains in place.

The university said it will complete its investigation in the coming weeks and will address any misconduct consistent with university policies.

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