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Bridging the Generation Gap in Egypt and the American Workplace

The historical transfer of power in Egypt has seen the departure of an entrenched 82-year-old dictator and a movement toward a democratically elected government where young Egyptians will have a major voice in politics and policies of the future.  A major key to a successful transition that will allow Egypt to move forward as a stable, innovative nation lies in respect and understanding between generations.

The same is true with American businesses.

Innovation is the intersection of the past and present that leads to the future.  That’s why it is so important that business leaders publicly acknowledge the contribution of each generation, applaud the unique strengths brought to the table by workers of different ages, and encourage everyone to share their viewpoints as a way to make a strong team even stronger. 

Mayor Gray Announces Six New Appointees To His Administration

This story comes to us from Linda Wharton Boyd:


Friday, February 4th, Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced six new appointees to his administration to move the city forward in the areas of public health and human services, rehabilitation of ex-offenders, youth, African affairs and financial services and insurance regulations.


GWU's Veterans Campaign To Host Boot Camp For Veterans Interested in Running For Public Office

This story comes to us from Emily Cain:


George Washington University’s Veterans Campaign will host a boot camp for veterans interested in running for public office Feb. 11-12, 2011.  Military veterans Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Representatives Chris Gibson (NY-20) and Timothy J. Walz (MN-1) will deliver keynote addresses at the workshop.  The elected officials will provide first-hand knowledge of campaigning for public office and share how their prior military experiences influenced their decisions to continue a career in public service.

Video: Tea Party Patriots' Reaction to Projected Republican House Victory

Tea Party Patriot members react to the announcement that Republicans are projected to have a majority in the House of Representatives.

Leader of Fenty Write-In Campaign Talks DC Election 2010

We caught up with John Hlinko, the leader of the Write-In Fenty for Mayor campaign, outside of a polling location in Georgetown on Election Day 2010. 

GWU Grad Student, Vince Gray Campaign Volunteer Anna Phillips Talks Election

Check out this interview with Anna Phillips, a George Washington University graduate student and Vincent Gray supporter. 

Phillips spent her election day campaigning for Gray in front of School Without Walls, a Foggy Bottom poll location. 

See Phillips discuss what issues she believes the city needs to overcome, as well as why she thinks Vincent Gray will be the right man for the job.