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Monday: Was It Warm Or Hot?

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Monday was definitely a nice day to be outside, but whether it was warm or hot depended on whom you asked.

Meteorologist Howard Bernstein said earlier that it was warm, but one could argue that it felt hot, relatively speaking. So Anny Hong went out to ask the locals, who were lucky enough to get outside.

One person told us, "It's amazing. I get energized by the sun so this is amazing."

Many people may agree that the higher temperatures were a welcome break from chilly temperatures last week. But they were divided on the question: is it warm or hot?

"It's hot because it's going to be in the 80s. That's summer weather, not spring weather," said one local.

Jenna told us, "Warm. It still feels warm."

Noel Carson offered, "Pretty hot, yeah...It's been pretty cold and to see a jump like that can be jarring."

Code Red Day

WASHINGTON D.C. (WUSA) -- If you thought the summer was winding down, one step outside Tuesday convinced you otherwise; Things were just heating up on the last day of August.

"It's so hot and we're walking up hill," said Heather Hrynkow who was on vacation from Ohio with her 4 young boys, "so we're just keeping hydrated and trying to walk in the shade."

The code red air quality day meant the air pollution level was so high, that technically everyone could suffer health effects, especially young children. But keeping kids cooped up indoors can be difficult. DC Public School principals could decide for themselves if recess was held outdoors. At Hyde-Addison Elementary School in Georgetown, the playground was full with children around noon. However, the principal said students will have P.E. class will be inside as the mercury rises.